The League Follow Champion

While some fantasy football leagues play an abnormal Week 17 championship round, many concluded in Week 16. That was the case for the Pace U. Crew, and the season long ‘League Follow’ series.

We began documenting the Pace U. Crew at the beginning of the fantasy season as an experiment to see how league mates progress from week-to-week, and to be able to share the movement on our rosters with other fantasy owners in Fantasy Land. You can catch up on past weeks, starting here, if you’re interested.

In the end, the steady stalwart, SuperfectaStunnas, defeated the ‘Cinderella’ team, Maddawgs. Cayman Rays, the ‘auto draft’ team that led the league from start-to-finish, came in third place after giving way to Maddawgs’ glass slippers.

League Follow Playoff Finale

The fantasy MVP across every participating league throughout the universe, Todd Gurley, is the same player that led SuperfectaStunnas to a championship title. Gurley left no stone unturned in Week 16, as he totaled 276 yards from scrimmage. The Los Angeles Rams running back caught two touchdowns on 158 receiving yards, and decisively rumbled for another 118 on the ground. Gurley hurdled players left and right throughout the game, shaming them in the process. He accounted for 33% of SuperfectaStunnas’ total points and was the Christmas gift that kept on giving.

While tight end Greg Olsen and platoon running back Jerick McKinnon did SuperfectaStunnas no favors, DeAndre Hopkins, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and LeSean McCoy accounted for another 31% of the fantasy champ’s offense. Surprisingly, the Jacksonville defense, which had been one of the best fantasy defenses all year, failed to make inroads against a scorching hot Jimmy Garoppolo. At this point, the 49ers would be foolish not to sign the former Patriots quarterback, or place the franchise tag on him, at the least.

League Follow Championship Score

Though Maddawgs seemed outnumbered from the start, the team put up a good fight, especially given the Todd Gurley circumstances. For Maddawgs, Atlanta’s Julio Jones came through against New Orleans with 149 total yards, but unfortunately, no touchdowns. Maddawgs certainly took a heck of a gamble by playing Detroit’s Eric Ebron and Jacksonville’s Keelan Cole. Luckily, both bets paid off handsomely, as the two receivers scored 23% of the contender’s offense.

Russell Wilson certainly chose the wrong game to take a day off. Wilson stymied Maddawgs’ offense tremendously, only chipping in a measly 93 passing yards. Fortunately the Seattle quarterback managed two touchdowns to save a disastrous fantasy performance. However, looking back at Maddawgs’ bench (where Andy Dalton sat), the team put its best players on the field, but simply came up short. For a fantasy squad that squeaked into the playoffs on the last day, it wasn’t a bad effort.

To that end, we salute SuperfectaStunnas on a well deserved fantasy victory.

While trophies will soon be exchanged and Venmo accounts stuffed, league mates within the Pace U. Crew have politely began trash talking ahead of next season’s virtual gathering of college friends. Big-Blue Wreckin’ Cru, last year’s fantasy victor and this year’s biggest disappointment, can be blamed for the early jockeying ahead of next season. (Some things never change)

Until the draft numbers are queued up for 2018, here’s to wishing you and your league mates a Happy Fantasy New Year!