Week 13: League Follow

The fantasy playoffs are all but set in the Pace U. Crew league. It’s a league in which six of ten teams make the playoffs, whereby the two top teams get a bye week during the three week championship run.

This week, we’ll take a brief look at the fantasy lineups slated to go for each playoff contender in the final regular season game. Below are the current standings leading up to the season finale.

Week 13 Standings

As of now, there are three teams that are in for sure. Those teams include Cayman Rays (10-2), SuperfectaStunnas (9-3), and FAHQ (8-4). The teams that are vying for the last three spots include Maddawgs (6-6), NY Hitmen (6-6), Meezy Esq. (6-6), and Stuugotz TD’s (5-7).

Barring any last minute additions or player swaps by team owners, let’s take a look at what to expect from each matchup this week.

Week 13 Matchup 1

Maddawgs and Money Mike will lock horns this week in a matchup that matters most to the former team. It’ll be up to Money Mike to keep Maddawgs out of the playoffs. The task seems a bit daunting at first glance since Maddawgs will run out two heavy hitters in Russell Wilson and Julio Jones. However, Money Mike could catch a break, being that Jones has been battling an ankle injury all week and Wilson will face a stout defense in Philadelphia.

Case Keenum is in a good spot for Money Mike, as the Vikings are clicking on all cylinders and facing a potential shootout opponent in Atlanta. Mohamed Sanu will likely see a fair number of targets should Julio Jones remain limited with his ankle, and Marshawn Lynch has a plus matchup against the Giants with Crabtree and Cooper sidelined.

At the end of the day, we expect for Maddawgs to pull out a victory and contend for a playoff tie breaker. The Baltimore defense, along with Jared Cook and Latavius Murray will likely propel him to a 7-6 record.

Week 13 Matchup 2

Luck of Lucien is all but eliminated from the playoffs, and SuperfectaStunnas has the second best record in the Pace U. Crew league. This game only matters in terms of bragging rights.

Both teams actually have stellar lineups and could potentially put up big point totals. Lucien’s Alvin Kamara has been unstoppable and Alex Collins has a great matchup against Detroit. Gronk has a good matchup against Buffalo. Although he probably won’t score two touchdowns like he did last week, Gronk is likely good for 80-yards and a touchdown. While Mike Evans has been a huge disappointment this year (mainly due to quarterback play), he should score easily against Green Bay if he sees the targets.

Stunnas’ Kirk Cousins didn’t have as great a fantasy game as expected against Dallas, though he did pull out the victory for his team. JuJu Smith-Schuster is back this week and it’s unlikely that he’ll miss a heartbeat. LeSean McCoy should score easily against New England, but we expect Todd Gurley to struggle a bit against the Arizona defense.

If DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t go off for SuperfectaStunnas, then Luck of Lucien should win in a game that matters little.

Week 13 Matchup 3

FAHQ has a chance to eliminate NY Hitmen from playoff contention, and certainly boasts the lineup to do so. FAHQ’s Keenan Allen has an awesome matchup against Cleveland and the Chargers are vying for a playoff position. Leonard Fournette is due to get back on track soon and Indianapolis cures any and all running back problems. Though Jimmy Graham will face a tough Philadelphia defense, he’s still a monster of an athlete to contend with and Russell Wilson has been looking his way a bunch.

All of NY Hitmen’s players seem to have tough opponents this week. Matt Ryan gets a difficult Vikings defense, A.J. Green and Joe Mixon get the Steelers, Larry Fitzgerald will face the Rams, and Lamar Miller will clash with the Titans. It seems an odd pairing that NY Hitmen will roll out Matt Ryan and the Minnesota defense at the same time being that the two teams will play one another.

While NY Hitmen may have started the season with a bang, we expect the team to fizzle out and fall short of making the playoffs, unless Stuugotz TD’s loses its match.

Week 13 Matchup 4

Big-Blue Wreckin Cru may have won the chip last year, but it is Cayman Rays that’s marching onto the playoffs in first place this year. This game has no bearing on either squad, as one team has a first round bye and the other a first round tee time.

Cayman Rays’ combination of Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill has been killer all year. We don’t expect that to slow down any time soon. While Philip Rivers will likely put up big points against Cleveland for Big-Blue, it simply won’t be enough to get the fantasy team over the hump.

Big-Blue is likely to get hammered in this matchup. Similar to Money Mike and Luck of Lucien, Big-Blue will have a lot to think about over the summer leading up to next year’s draft.

Week 13 Matchup 5.png

Meezy Esq. and Stuugotz TD’s face off in the only fantasy game that involves two playoff contenders. On paper, we would’ve given Meezy the advantage ahead of Thursday night’s matchup. However, Vernon Davis and the Washington defense disappointed mightily. To make maters worse for Meezy, Alfred Morris and Dez Bryant exceeded their projections for Stuugotz’s fantasy team.

Behind the play of Kareem Hunt, Jordan Howard, Adam Thielen and Drew Brees, Meezy still has a lot of firepower to pull out a victory. Barring a monster game by Tom Brady and the Denver defense, we still expect Meezy to bounce Stuugotz from playoff contention.

We’ll check in next week to see which teams actually made the playoffs.