Week 11: League Follow

Similar to the Week 11 matchup between the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders, there are teams in fantasy that have absolutely no worries going forward, and others that are on the cusp of being eliminated from the playoffs.

As it pertains to the Pace U. Crew fantasy league, we’ll see which teams are in dire need of a win to keep things going by picking up where we left off last week. Below are the current standings ahead of the upcoming Sunday games.

Week 11 Standings

As it stands, Cayman Rays is the only team that has secured a playoff spot in the Pace U. Crew league. The league allows for a total of six playoff spots. If the playoffs started today, then Luck of Lucien, Big-Blue Wreckin Cru, Stuugotz TD’s, and Money Mike would all be eliminated. Money Mike needs a miracle to make the playoffs at this point, while this week serves as do-or-die for both Big-Blue and Lucien. Stuugotz is best positioned amongst all of the underachieving teams to make the playoffs.

Let’s take a look at the fantasy lineups slated to go in each matchup on Sunday, barring any last minute additions or player swaps by team owners.

Week 11 Matchup 1

Maddawgs (4-6) and Lucien (3-7) will lock horns this week in a game that serves more significance than any other in the Pace U. Crew league. Specifically, if Lucien pulls out a victory, then Maddawgs drops out of the immediate playoff hunt. A coupled loss by Stuugotz could land all three teams with a record of 4-7. Should Big-Blue topple FAHQ, then four teams would sit at 4-7, making for an interesting playoff run.

For the crucial matchup ahead, both teams are playing some heavy hitters. Maddawgs’ top three players include Russell Wilson versus Atlanta, Julio Jones versus a depleted Seattle defense, and Michael Thomas in a potential shootout against Washington. Tight end Jared Cook has an excellent matchup against the New England Patriots in the Mexico City (Raiders) game. Maddawgs’ Baltimore defense could be a difference maker.

On the other side of the ball, Lucien will play three key players in the proposed Raiders-Patriots shootout. Those players include Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, wideout Amari Cooper (who’s been more disappointment than help), and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Like Julio Jones, Lucien’s wideout Mike Evans has been a sleeping giant of late, but it’ll also be his first go round with backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, a guy that likes to crank it up.

The spread between Maddawgs and Lucien is only five fantasy points, a line that makes this game too close to call. Quite interesting for a match in which many other teams are dependent upon.

Week 11 Matchup 2

Both NY Hitmen (6-4) and SuperfectaStunnas (7-3) are essentially jockeying for a playoff bye at this point. It’s a matchup that has little effect on the overall playoff picture.

In a move to tidy up its lineup, Hitmen recently added Philadelphia kicker Jake Elliott and the Minnesota defense. Hitmen’s running back Joe Mixon probably has the toughest matchup this week versus the Denver defense. Stunnas seems to have an edge in the running back category as the team rolls out Todd Gurley, LeSean McCoy and Jerick McKinnon.

Stunnas’ Alex Smith gets a cupcake matchup against the New York Giants defense. Also, in absence of Deshaun Watson, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins still seems to garner more targets than any other position player in the league. If Giants receiver Sterling Shepard sees the field this week in light of his recent illness, then he should end up a top-15 wideout this week.

We expect Stunnas to emerge as the victor in this match, pushing Hitmen one step closer to a .500 record.

Week 11 Matchup 3

The matchup between FAHQ (7-3) and Big-Blue Wreckin Cru (3-7) is an interesting one. On paper, FAHQ seems to have the advantage, but we think Big Blue has good match-ups and could pull this one off.

In Thursday’s NFL matchup featuring the Steelers and Titans, kicker Chris Boswell went off for 17-points, giving FAHQ a nice, unexpected padding. Meanwhile, running back Le’Veon Bell just missed out on a touchdown, leaving FAHQ seven points shy of its projected line. Luckily for FAHQ, Leonard Fournette is ready to go again and Tevin Coleman gets a start against Seattle.

We like Big-Blue in this matchup because Philip Rivers will face a Buffalo defense that may spend a ton of time on the field being that rookie quarterback, Nathan Peterman, will start over Tyrod Taylor. This is a terrible move by the Bills front office for what it’s worth. Additionally, Big-Blue will roll out two key players in the Raiders-Patriots matchup in Dion Lewis and Brandin Cooks. The duel threat of tight ends Austin Hooper and Zach Ertz is also a nice play that could yield fantasy riches.

Week 11 Matchup 4

In a matchup between Money Mike (2-8) and Stuugotz TD’s (4-6), the difference could come down to one quarterback and three running backs. It’s a game that matters more for Stuugotz than it does for Money Mike. A loss by Stuugotz could dump that team into a complicated playoff race.

Money Mike’s running backs could win this game by themselves. Melvin Gordon and Mark Ingram both have great matchups. Additionally, Marshawn Lynch plays in a do-or-die game against the Patriots, and we expect Beastmode (or what’s left of it) to be on full display. However, Stuugotz will roll out the ageless wonder, Tom Brady, in that same game. It’s a spot in which Brady could easily drop 50 fantasy points against a Raiders defense that has proven to be inconsistent.

Week 11 Matchup 5

In the embarrassment of riches game, Cayman Rays (8-2) will face off against Meezy Esq. (6-4). The full slate of riches in this match include Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown, Travis Kelce, Drew Brees, Jordan Howard, Kareem Hunt, Golden Tate, and Adam Thielen.

To be honest, this game has little bearing on the overall playoff picture, but a loss by Meezy would be ideal to make things that much more interesting. If both Meezy and NY Hitmen were to drop to 6-5, then the majority of playoff births would be further delayed, giving more teams a statistically better chance of getting in.

We’ll check in next week to see how each team made out.