Week 8: League Follow

With week seven in the books, we turn the page to week eight in the Pace U. Crew league, where the gap has widened between the elite teams and those hanging on for dear life. While the elite teams (Cayman Rays and FAHQ) have certainly jumped out to nice starts, there are concerns that lie ahead for both. Aside from the rest of the field gaining steam to make a playoff push of its own, Cayman Rays still faces the potential suspension of Ezekiel Elliott and FAHQ has lost Aaron Rodgers for the season (or so it seems for now).

We’ll pick up where we left off last week in the Pace U. Crew series. Below are the current standings and strategies that each team is employing headed into week eight.

Week 8 Standings

In week seven, the headlines revolved around the big matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, each team fielding some of the top fantasy position players of the week. Among them were Derek Carr, Alex Smith, Amari Cooper, Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill. That’s a lot of fantasy superstars for one game. While those fantasy points benefited some teams, others were not so lucky.

Cayman Rays rolled up its fourth win in a row and has distanced itself with a record of 6-1. The closest team, FAHQ (5-2), is within breathing distance but may also see a correction of sorts with the recent loss of Aaron Rodgers (and a fantasy loss to Money Mike). Both Maddawgs and NY Hitmen climbed out of their 2-4 holes to advance to within one game of a .500 record. Luck of Lucien, Big-Blue Wreckin Cru, Stuugotz TD’s and Meezy Esq. all took a step back this week.

With a monster bye week on tap for the Cardinals, Packers, Jaguars, Rams, Giants and Titans, here are what rosters look like going into week eight:

Week 8 Rosters 1

Maddawgs will be without the services of key players Sammy Watkins and Aaron Jones. Jones will surely be missed as he finally had the breakout game and usage everyone expected against the Saints in week seven. In that game, Jones rushed 17 times for 131-yards and a touchdown. To make up for the production in week eight, it looks like Maddawgs will lean on RB Latavius Murray, who also had a good week seven by rushing for 113-yards and a touchdown on 18 carries.

NY Hitmen will be without heavy hitters Jordy Nelson and Larry Fitzgerald in week eight. However, both wide receivers are without their starting quarterbacks, which makes them a little less desirable to play. Hitmen will need A.J. Green to come through in a big way to help carry its team.

Maddawgs added the Chicago Defense for week eight. NY Hitmen didn’t make any moves for the upcoming week.

Week 8 Rosters 2

Luck of Lucien (my team, full disclosure) finally looks like a team now, but with a record of 2-5, it’s getting late in the game for a playoff run. Even though Lucien topped 100-points in week seven, the team failed to play Amari Cooper and Evan Engram, foregoing points that could have easily put it in line for a win. On a bye this week, Evan Engram’s services will again be missed, hindering Lucien’s production. With Marshawn Lynch suspended for pushing a referee in the Chiefs game, Lucien will look to take advantage of backup RB Jalen Richard’s production for week eight.

FAHQ swung and missed badly in week seven by playing Carson Palmer in the absence of its other injured quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Luckily with a record of 5-2, the team can afford the loss. FAHQ will be without Leonard Fournette this week, a player that could use some rest to ‘get right.’ FAHQ also sured up its weak positions by adding back key players for the playoff run.

FAHQ added free agent QB Matthew Stafford, running backs Ameer Abdullah and Bilal Powell. Lucien added FA’s Ted Ginn Jr. and Matt Breida.

Week 8 Rosters 3

Money Mike (2-5 record) is finally making its move, having won two of its last three games. This week Mike gets stud quarterback Deshaun Watson back in a tough match against Seattle. While wide receiver T.Y. Hilton has struggled, Mike’s running backs (Melvin Gordon and Mark Ingram) have been on point. With few players on bye, Mike should be in a good position to stir up another win against SuperfectaStunnas.

Carson Wentz is on fire and so are the Cayman Rays. Stocked with elite players up and down its lineup, Cayman Rays has little to worry about, even with both DeMarco Murray and Ty Montgomery on an upcoming bye. It will take the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott and a Kansas City Chiefs meltdown for Cayman Rays to fall from grace. There’s little optimism for either at this point of the season.

Money Mike added free agent Ben Roethlisberger and the Cincinnati Defense for week eight. Cayman Rays added RB James White and WR Kenny Stills.

Week 8 Rosters 4

Meezy, Meezy, Meezy. This team has it all. Drew Brees under center, Hunter Henry manning the tight end position, and running backs Jordan Howard and Kareem Hunt in the backfield. With a solid lineup and hearty record of 4-3, this team is a favorite for a deep playoff run. However, Luck of Lucien has stacked its lineup this week in hopes of leveling the playing field against Meezy Esq. in what should be an interesting matchup. Both Pierre Garcon and Adam Thielen continue to be mid-tier wide receivers that are getting the job done for Meezy’s team this season.

Stuugotz TD’s has one of the better stacks in the league with quarterback Tom Brady and Chris Hogan. In a nice matchup against the Chargers this week, the Patriots duo should help add to Stuugotz’s win total. While Dez Bryant has come alive lately for Stuugotz, tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a bit more of a yo-yo player. Stuugotz may need to sure up the position for a deep run into the playoffs.

Meezy Esq. added FA’s Tyrell Williams and Matt Prater for week eight. Stuugotz TD’s added kicker Stephen Hauschka.

Week 8 Rosters 5

Big-Blue Wreckin Cru’s team has fallen the furthest from grace in the Pace U. Crew league this season. Once the braggadocious team of the league, Big-Blue sits in the basement with Luck of Lucien and Money Mike, all sporting records of 2-5. All three teams will be battling against each other, along with NY Hitmen and Maddawgs (both 3-4 records), to try to secure the sixth seed playoff spot. Fantasy players Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen get a nice matchup against the Patriots this week, which could help Big-Blue make the ascent to 3-5. It’s doubtful, but likely.

SuperfectaStunnas has been hiding in the cut all season, slowly stacking wins (4-3) behind the services of Alex Smith and DeAndre Hopkins. However, this week, Stunnas will be without the services of Todd Gurley and its Jacksonville defense, which could serve as fuel for week eight opponent, Money Mike.

Big-Blue added the Philadelphia Defense in week eight. SuperfectaStunnas added kicker Kai Forbath and the Atlanta Defense.

We’ll check in next week to see how each team made out.