Week 7: League Follow

The playing field definitely leveled itself in the Pace U. Crew fantasy league during week six, heading into week seven. Three teams with 2-3 records lost a game and dropped to 2-4. The two bottom teams faced-off and one of the teams also improved to 2-4. Meanwhile, the two best teams both improved to 5-1. At this point, every team still has a chance to make the playoffs, but this may be the last week that we can truly say ‘every team’ if things go awry for the lower seeded squads.

We’ll pick up where we left off last week in the Pace U. Crew series. Below are the current standings and strategies that each team is employing headed into week seven.

Week 7 Standings

In week six, the big news was the season ending injury to Aaron Rodgers, a player that team FAHQ rostered (and has since dropped). There were also key players on bye, including A.J. Green, Dez Bryant, Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham, to name a few.

With Big-Blue Wreckin Cru, NY Hitmen, Luck of Lucien and Maddawgs all vying to snag crucial wins, alongside week seven bye hits to players from Houston and Detroit, each fantasy team had tough decisions to make for the week ahead. Is there any possible way to replace Target Monsters Golden Tate and DeAndre Hopkins, or the latter’s gunslinging quarterback Deshaun Watson? Decisions, decisions.

With all of the moves, here are what rosters look like going into week seven:


Week 7 Rosters 2

After a desperate win in week six over Money Mike to move to 2-4, Luck of Lucien (my team) continued to overhaul itself. Understanding that the Raiders will soon come alive, Lucien traded away Terrelle Pryor for Amari Cooper last week in a deal with SuperfectaStunnas. As Thursday night’s matchup between Kansas City and Oakland was a fantasy treasure, Lucien purposely sat Cooper due to his previous lack of performance, unfortunately missing out on 40-points from his 200-yard, two touchdown outing. Instead, Lucien will turn to rookie wideout Josh Doctson as he faces off with the Eagles defense. We’ll see how that works out!

FAHQ lost Aaron Rodgers last week. With Carson Palmer playing a bit better for the Cardinals, FAHQ has little choice but to play the veteran gunslinger in light of a thin pool of fantasy free agents. Despite the real life QB loss, FAHQ still managed to rack up a key win to move to 5-1 on the season. Having Le’Veon Bell and Leonard Fournette on its team certainly helps. With a cushy 5-1 lead, FAHQ luckily has some wiggle room to figure out its quarterback situation. Who knows, maybe Carson Palmer will hold up throughout the remainder of the season.

Team Lucien added free agent running backs Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry, along with kicker Jake Elliott. FAHQ added the Minnesota Defense.


Week 7 Rosters 1

Both Maddawgs and NY Hitmen took tough losses last week, dropping each team to 2-4. Maddawgs has lacked firepower at the wide receiver position, since Julio Jones has yet to show up this season or get into the end zone. It was also a tough week in that the Packers got back Ty Montgomery, pushing Maddawgs’ new acquisition Aaron Jones to the side for minimal fantasy activity. Additionally, in a game between Detroit and New Orleans that registered over 90 real life points, Maddawgs’ Michael Thomas scored very few fantasy points. What a shame! Team Maddawg will definitely need its wideouts to show up in order to have a chance moving forward.

NY Hitmen also suffered at the wide receiver position last week, as Jordy Nelson seemed lost without Aaron Rodgers and A.J. Green was on bye. Hitmen will have to play the wait-and-see game with its Green Bay receivers, since no one truly knows what type of strategy will be employed with quarterback Brett Hundley under center. Luckily, quarterback Matt Ryan will have a juicy matchup against the Patriots in week seven, which should make up for some of those lost wide receiver fantasy points.

Maddawgs added free agent running back C.J. Prosise (not shown) for week seven, while NY Hitmen added the Buffalo Defense.


Week 7 Rosters 3

Money Mike, typically one of the consistent leaders in the Pace U. Crew league, continues to struggle mightily this year at 1-5. Even behind fantasy greats Deshaun Watson, Melvin Gordon and T.Y. Hilton, Money Mike has failed to get over the one-win hump. Money Mike certainly has the team fire power to make the uphill comeback. For now, it’ll simply be a matter of getting a weaker fantasy opponent and time is running out.

Cayman Rays, the only other 5-1 team alongside FAHQ, keeps winning behind the golden ticket play of Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Antonio Brown and Carson Wentz. For now, the Rays are still going strong with Ezekiel Elliott, who’s yet to serve any suspension time. It seems that it will surely take Zeke’s real life suspension to kick-in for anyone to topple this elite fantasy team.

Money Mike added free agent running back Orleans Darkwa and quarterback Jared Goff. Cayman Rays, as usual, didn’t make any FA moves.


Week 7 Rosters 4

Meezy Esq., continues to look strong with its 4-2 record. Behind the likes of Kareem Hunt, Jordan Howard, Drew Brees, and Hunter Henry, Team Meezy has little to worry about. It’s fairly easy to pump out wins when your toughest decision is whether or not to play Drew Brees or Cam Newton.

Stuugotz TD’s faces the same issues as Meezy Esq., which are basically none! Behind the strong play of Tom Brady, Chris Hogan and Will Fuller, Stuugotz continues to roll. This week, the team will get Dez Bryant back for a juicy matchup against San Francisco. To make matters worse for its opponents, Stuugotz has tidied up its tight end position by adding Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Team Meezy didn’t add any free agents for week seven. Along with ASJ, Stuugotz TD’s added FA kicker Ryan Succop.


Week 7 Rosters 5

Having lost three in a row, Big-Blue has fallen from grace in the past several weeks. Wide receiver Brandin Cooks has been losing touchdowns to both Rob Gronkowski and Chris Hogan, which puts Big-Blue in a bind at the position. Both Devin Funchess and Keenan Allen are stellar fantasy plays at wide receiver, but neither crosses the chalk enough to put up big numbers. For now, running back Chris Thompson appears to be Big-Blue’s best weapon. It may take another move or two for Big-Blue to fully get back in the game.

SuperfectaStunna’s is in an ideal position with an overall record of 3-3. Quarterback Alex Smith has been money this year and Derek Carr has recently come to life. In fact, both quarterbacks combined for over 80 fantasy points in their Thursday night showdown. Both Todd Gurley and LeSean McCoy have upside going forward and makes Stunnas a tough opponent going forward. The hope for opposing fantasy teams is that wide receiver Terrelle Pryor doesn’t get going.

Big-Blue added free agent wide receiver Nelson Agholor and the Carolina Defense for week seven. SuperfectaStunnas stashed free agent WR Sterling Shepard.

We’ll check in next week to see how each team made out.