Week 6: League Follow

Week six is one in which fantasy teams can take a turn for better or worse. There’s typically your elite teams that are going into the week with either a 5-0 or 4-1 record. More than likely everyone sits in the middle of the pack at either 3-2 or 2-3. A few teams (mine included, unfortunately) will sit at 1-4 or 0-5. For the 2-3 record teams, a loss could be a huge blow, where as a win for a 1-4 team could put them back in the game.

We’ll pick up where we left off last week (you can catch up here: Week 1, 2, 3, 4).

Week 6 Standings

In week five, four teams scored more than 130-points in the Pace U. Crew league. Those teams, of course, employed the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Travis Kelce, Deshaun Watson, Alex Smith, T.Y. Hilton and A.J. Green.

Since last week, the Pace U. Crew rosters have changed drastically and every GM is preparing for the battle ahead. Luck of Lucien (full disclosure, my team) is in last place, so it’s a pivotal week. Even in a winning season, such as last year, Luck of Lucien has been known to have ‘trade finger’ and will pounce on the waiver wire at any given moment. This year however, Lucien has been in a frenzy since week one and has 43-moves on the season, which is crazy! A win is badly needed.

With all of the moves, here are what rosters look like going into week six:


Week 6 Rosters 2

Lucien is looking to take gambles at every position this week and its roster reflects that. The first trade in the Pace U. Crew took place earlier in the week when Lucien shipped WR Terrelle Pryor and RB Marlon Mack to SuperfectaStunnas for WR Amari Cooper and RB Ameer Abdullah. Was it a fair trade? Attempting to buy low, Lucien is betting on Amari Cooper in Derek Carr’s return and opted for a surefire starter in Ameer Abdullah over Marlon Mack’s upside (and current Frank Gore timeshare situation).

With Mohamed Sanu set to sit out, Lucien also added Taylor Gabriel for WR2 upside. RB Elijah McGuire was added with injuries plaguing the NY Jets, and Alvin Kamara will be fired up in a juicy matchup against the Detroit Lions. Lucien decided to kick Matthew Stafford to the curb and roll with Kirk Cousins given his weaponry. Lucien also took future bets on bench spots with San Francisco’s Matt Breida and New York’s Roger Lewis.

Having a first place team, FAHQ has little to worry about and didn’t tweak its roster much. The only free agent adds were TE Kyle Rudolph and kicker Harrison Butker. FAHQ, like Cayman Rays, had a great draft and has been riding out its roster with minimal moves.


Week 6 Rosters 5

Big-Blue is in a teetering position at 2-3 where a win this week keeps the team in the conversation or a loss puts a dent in its playoff hopes. The key moves for Big-Blue included an upgrade at the wide receiver position with Devin Funchess, a player that suddenly looks like Cam Newton’s number one receiver (sorry Kelvin Benjamin!). Big-Blue also decided to employ the services of the Washington defense in a juicy matchup against the flailing 49ers. As a 2-3 team, it’ll be interesting to see how Big-Blue (the reigning champion) fares.

SuperfectaStunnas was smart enough to pounce on RB Jerick McKinnon after Dalvin Cook went down in week five. While most teams gravitated toward Latavius Murray, Superfecta’s early gamble paid off, as McKinnon is now the back to own in Minnesota. Superfecta also took a future bet on Terrelle Pryor’s recent uptick by making the swap with Luck of Lucien and dealing away Amari Cooper. The trade figures to be a race to see which wide receiver will come alive first as they’ve both struggled in the early going.


Week 6 Rosters 3

Last week, Money Mike was on the verge of going 0-5, but eked out a crucial win over NY Hitmen behind the fantasy wizardry of Deshaun Watson. With Money Mike’s players starting to come alive once again, the team only made minor tweaks by adding RB Wayne Gallman and kicker Wil Lutz. Gallman should be an interesting play this week for the Giants as the team lost three wide receivers for the season, including Odell Beckham Jr. It appears that the Giants will try to fire up any and everyone who can catch a ball at this point. Money Mike sits at 1-4 with Luck of Lucien. Both go head-to-head this week in hopes of being the first to reach two wins and reignite their respective seasons.

Cayman Rays is in first place and hasn’t made a move this season. The team had a great draft and ironically auto drafts every year. Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce have been paying the bills with ease. The only question mark that lies ahead for the Rays is the potential suspension of Ezekiel Elliott after the bye week.


Week 6 Rosters 1

Maddawgs, like SuperfectaStunnas, pounced early last week and picked up RB Aaron Jones, who looks like a very smooth runner and pass catcher. It’s a move that paid off handsomely, as Jones looks like something special. The hope is that Green Bay continues to ride Jones and moves Ty Montgomery back to more receiver-oriented duties. Remember, Montgomery is a converted wide receiver and doesn’t possess the low center of gravity that Jones does, nor has he been groomed to withstand the hits up the middle (as indicated by his broken ribs). Maddawgs’ pickup of Aaron Jones makes up for the missed call on Latavius Murray. For the fantasy team’s sake, we hope that Jones gets the continuous nod.

Like Maddawgs, NY Hitmen sits in a critical 2-3 position where a loss could slightly dent its surefire playoff prospects. However, Hitmen made few moves in preparation for week six, only choosing to add the Atlanta defense and slide Matt Ryan back into the starting quarterback position coming off of a bye. The hope for Hitmen is that Larry Fitzgerald can partially make up for the production loss of A.J. Green, who has a bye this week.


Week 6 Rosters 4

Both Meezy Esq. and Stuugotz TD’s sit in premium positions with records of 3-2. Meezy’s stacked roster of Kareem Hunt, Jordan Howard, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Davante Adams affords the team to slack at lesser positions such as tight end. Meezy, having one of the better drafts to start the season, has barely had to make roster moves, but chose to employ the services of wide receiver Mike Wallace in a juicy matchup against Chicago this week.

Stuugotz has an awesome stack with both Tom Brady and Chris Hogan, the number one wide receiver on the Patriots to date. Stuugotz was smart enough to pounce on wide receiver Will Fuller last week, seeing that Deshaun Watson is peaking and cornerbacks are focusing all of their attention on DeAndre Hopkins. The move should pay off in armored truckloads for Stuugotz, as Fuller faces the Cleveland Browns this week and Stefon Diggs will sit out due to a groin injury.

We’ll check in next week to see how each team made out.