Alex the Great

Remember good ol’ underrated Alex Smith?

Yes, the same Alex Smith that couldn’t throw for more than 20-yards at a time. Alex the game manager. Alex the guy that was ran out of San Francisco for Colin Kaepernick. Apparently that same Alex is now a top-3 quarterback through the first five games of the 2017 season, right there with both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

QB Comparison thru 5 weeks

With rookie Patrick Mahomes drafted as the Kansas City quarterback of the future, things have suddenly changed for Alex Smith. Simply put, there’s a new urgency, and that urgency is to win now or be replaced.

For the first time since a healthy Jamaal Charles, Alex Smith has an electric running back threat in Kareem Hunt, a player that can keep defenses honest. Smith also has the speedy Tyreek Hill at his disposal, a player that can quickly get behind defenses and splash six in the end zone in a matter of seconds. Travis Kelce is the icing on the cake, a top-3 tight end that can block, play in the slot, or get downfield using speed and brute strength.

As Alex Smith sits in a lame duck position at quarterback with Mahomes breathing down his shoulder pads, he’s decided to crank up his arm and throw downfield. It’s something that both fans and analysts have repeatedly called for over the years, but now Alex seems to finally get it. The matches have been lit and now Alex is playing with an unrivaled fire in his belly.

Through five games, Alex has completed 121-of-158 passes and boasts a 76% completion rate. He’s also had two 300+ yard games and has racked up 1,391 total passing yards to date. As usual, Alex has kept his interceptions to a minimum, in this case, zero. He also has a dozen touchdowns on the season, 11 passing and one rushing.

To be honest, the Kansas City Chiefs look like the best team in football right now, hands down. They’re healthy, stocked with offensive weapons, and Coach Andy Reid has yet to botch any play clock situations. Right now, the man under center is the glue that makes this team stick. With that said, maybe it’s time that we stop bashing Alex Smith for what he is not and start praising him for what he is, ‘Alex the Great.’