Week 5: League Follow

We’re already a quarter of the way into the fantasy season and it’s been an interesting ride thus far, to say the least. The running back situation throughout the league remains murky with the recent season ending injuries to stud rookie Dalvin Cook and upcoming bruiser Chris Carson. Meanwhile, Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension still looms large and numerous backfields around the league are crumbling.

We’ll pick up where we left off last week (you can catch up here: Week 1, 2, 3).

Week 5 Standings

It’s not surprising that two of the top three teams in the Pace U. Crew league employ both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady at quarterback, who’ve both been studs to this point. Cayman Rays keeps a nice balance of WR-RB-TE with the likes of Antonio Brown, Ezekiel Elliott and Travis Kelce. Of the bottom two teams, Luck of Lucien (my team, full disclosure) has the worst backfield among all teams to go with its struggling wide receiver corps. Money Mike continues to struggle at quarterback and has also gotten little from his starting wideouts. Every other team is fairing well with 2-2 records and solid contribution throughout their lineups.

Now, let’s peer-in further to see how the Pace U. Crew made out and adjusted for week five in our ‘League Follow’ series.


Week 4.1 Scores

Lucien got absolutely destroyed by Stunnas in week four. There was little production from any player outside of Mike Evans’ 67-yard, one touchdown performance for Lucien. Though Stunnas got absolutely nothing from Jay Cutler, the middle of his lineup contributed heavily, starting with Todd Gurley’s monster performance. DeAndre Hopkins continues to be a major Target Monster and is looking like a Top-5 fantasy wideout at this point. Stunnas made a wise choice last week to pick up TE Charles Clay, as he’s Tyrod Taylor’s only weapon outside of LeSean McCoy in Buffalo at this point. Stunnas seems to be in a good position moving forward, while Lucien won’t make it beyond week six without a running game, quarterback adjustment and some major luck (no pun intended).

Lucien’s week five free agent adds include QB Kirk Cousins, RB Alvin Kamara, RB Alex Collins, RB Alfred Morris, WR Adam Humphries, RB Dion Lewis and kicker Greg Zuerlein. Stunnas added FA’s RB Jerick McKinnon, QB’s Alex Smith and Jared Goff.


Week 4.2 Scores

Maddawgs is on a nice two game win streak. He lit into the other last place team, Money Mike, behind solid play from Russell Wilson, Michael Thomas, and Dalvin Cook (before he exited with a torn ACL). Maddawgs may have won the battle, but we’re sure like any fantasy owner, the team would’ve gladly taken a loss to have Dalvin Cook back for the remainder of the season. Outside of Devonta Freeman showing up for work, the rest of the Money Mike lineup too the day off. Kyle Rudolph and Melvin Gordon are the key suspects, with Trevor Siemian providing little guidance under center. Money Mike, like Lucien, will need a win or two just to tread water moving forward.

Maddawgs’ week five FA moves include RB Aaron Jones, WR Jaron Brown and RB Latavius Murray. Money Mike added TE Cameron Brate, RB Wayne Gallman, WR Danny Amendola, WR Kelvin Benjamin and kicker Jake Elliot.


Week 4.3 Scores

In another lopsided victory, FAHQ got over on NY Hitmen behind the awakening of Le’Veon Bell, who put up close to 200-yards and scored twice. The combination of Bell alongside Aaron Rodgers is a tough matchup for any team to contend with on a weekly basis. Leonard Fournette also chipped in for FAHQ with a little over 140 total yards and a touchdown. Outside of Jordy Nelson’s two touchdown performance, NY Hitmen struggled mightily. However, the NY Hitmen are in a great position at 2-2 and have solid pieces to make a deep run into the postseason. FAHQ has nothing to worry about at this moment in time. Must be nice!

FAHQ didn’t make any free agent moves in week five. NY Hitmen added the Minnesota Defense.


Week 4.4 Scores

Cayman Rays versus Big-Blue turned out to be one of the better fantasy matchups of the week in the Pace U. Crew league. The Rays pulled off the victory behind a strong effort from the bottom half of its lineup; the Seattle Defense and kicker Stephen Gotskowski. Travis Kelce also showed up big for Cayman Rays in an earlier TNF game, while Ezekiel Elliott continues to produce as he awaits his suspension result. Philip Rivers had a nice game for Big-Blue, while the team’s move last week to add Duke Johnson Jr. also paid off handsomely. Keenan Allen continues to be an asset for Big-Blue, even though he’s only scored once this season. Both Cayman Rays and Big-Blue have nice set-ups and are looking good for a run at the playoffs.

Cayman Rays didn’t make any free agent moves in week five. Big-Blue added RB Bilal Powell, RB Eddie Lacy, kicker Adam Vinatieri and the Oakland Defense.


Week 4.5 Scores

Stuugotz pulled off the victory over Meezy with a nice FA pickup in week four of LeGarrette Blount. The running back looked both decisive and bruising as he rushed for 136 yards. Additionally, the fantasy stack of Tom Brady and Chris Hogan continues to pay the bills for Stuugotz’s squad. Team Meezy also benefited from an injured Darren Sproles by picking up free agent RB Wendell Smallwood, who chipped in 75+ yards and a touchdown. Kareem Hunt did Kareem Hunt things by rushing for over 100 yards, though Meezy still took the loss in this situation. Win or lose, both of these teams have strong squads and are two of the favorites to potentially meet in the championship.

Meezy’s FA adds were QB Cam Newton, TE Hunter Henry and the Indianapolis Defense. Stuugotz added WR Will Fuller.