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Todd Gurley: Fantasy’s Forgotten Son

There were NFL players that performed miserably to end their seasons last year. Rightfully so, those same players were considered cast-offs in fantasy drafts this year. Mistakenly, Todd Gurely was one of them.

To the surprise of many, Gurley’s been an absolute monster in both the running and passing game thus far. Originally kicked to the curb by many fantasy owners as a result of the bad taste in their mouths from a previous tie-up, Gurley was consistently drafted after Ezekiel Elliott. That’s a pretty low blow being that Zeke was slated to be suspended for the first 6-weeks of the season. Now, Gurley appears to be pure fantasy gold, sporting a total of 596-yards and seven touchdowns through the first four weeks of the season. That’s second only to the rookie phenom Kareem Hunt.

Todd Gurley thru week 4

The Rams now look 100% legit and sit atop of their division, besting both the Seahawks and Cardinals through four weeks. In a shocking move to start the season, the Buffalo Bills traded away Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods to the Los Angeles Rams. While Bills management may have been fed up with Watkins’ injury history, the Rams apparently saw an opportunity to add the glass receiver to their young core. Thus far, Watkins has provided a glimpse of hope to what could be by staying healthy and serving as a key target downfield. Figure-in Robert Woods, Tavon Austin, rookie wide receiver Cooper Kupp, and suddenly, the Red Sea has parted for Todd Gurley to be the dual-threat he was originally deemed. His skill set was on full display in the week four tilt against the Dallas Cowboys, where Gurley racked up 215 total yards, easily.

Kudos to Coach Sean McVay for utilizing Gurley early and often in the passing game, a move that has also boosted the play of quarterback Jared Goff. Right now, the Rams offense is clicking on all cylinders and there’s no reason to think that it’ll slow down anytime soon. If you were lucky enough to make the smart fantasy move and draft Todd Gurley or trade for him a game into the season, then kudos to you as well. For the rest of us, Gurley is making it known that he’s no longer forgotten.