Week 3: League Follow

Up until now, fantasy scoring during the early 2017 season has been relatively low across the board, partially due to key injuries (think David Johnson) and slow starts (think Le’Veon Bell). Most fantasy teams are probably 1-1 or 0-2 at worst. However, this is the week where a season can easily turn. A 0-3 start can cause major panic and put a fantasy owner in “catch up mode.” We’ll peer-in to see how the Pace U. Crew made out and adjusted for week three in our ‘League Follow’ series (ICYMI here’s Week 1, Week 2).

Week 3 Standings

Quite surprisingly, Cayman Rays, the team that auto-drafted and has made zero free agent moves, is in first place. Meezy Esq., the team that likely only checks its roster to set a lineup on Thursday and Sunday is currently in second place. Apparently, us knuckleheads that take this game seriously are all failing in some capacity or another.


Week 2.1 Scores

Team Maddawgs lost another matchup where it had an admirable showing. Neither Matthew Stafford or Russell Wilson really showed up, so the position matchup was a push. Ironically, with Luck of Lucien having one of the weakest backfields in the league, the team was able to hold off Maddawgs due to its own poor showing by Dalvin Cook and Isaiah Crowell. Jordan Reed didn’t do Maddawgs any favors and is likely a TE that should be benched until he has a ‘show me’ game. Lucien’s Baltimore Defense continued to show muscle through the first two games of the season, while both Mike Evans and Martavis Bryant proved their worth.

Maddawgs will need to have a strong showing to avoid starting the season 0-3. To make matters worse, FAHQ is Maddawgs next matchup, a team that boasts players Aaron Rodgers (vs. Cincinnati) and Le’Veon Bell (vs. Chicago).

Lucien’s lone free agent add for week three was O.J. Howard. Maddawgs stood pat.


Week 2.2 Scores

In a low scoring matchup where Jordy Nelson left NY Hitmen with a donut in the WR column, SuperfectaStunnas eked out a victory behind Derek Carr and Todd Gurley. It was an ugly matchup in which six perfectly capable wide receivers, including DeAndre Hopkins and Amari Cooper, totaled less than 30 fantasy points. Though a victory is a victory, we’re sure that this is a game that both teams would like to move on from.

Hitmen’s lone free agent add was the Miami Defense. Stunnas’ free agent adds include Ameer Abdullah, Allen Hurns and Devin Funchess.


Week 2.3 Scores

FAHQ got off to a fast start against Big Blue when Michael Crabtree pulled a touchdown hat trick and put up 26 fantasy points. FAHQ’s Aaron Rodgers continued to make matters worse for Big Blue by pouring on another 29 points. While Carlos Hyde showed up for Big Blue, the only other position player that put up reasonable points was Keenan Allen, who went off for 100-yards but no touchdowns. It’ll be hard for Big Blue to sit Brandin Cooks, but he’s looking like a boom or bust player early on in Belichick’s offense. If Cooks was to have a big game, it should’ve come against his former team, the New Orleans Saints.

FAHQ’s lone week three free agent add was the Philadelphia Defense. Big Blue added RB Chris Thompson, QB Trevor Siemian and the Green Bay Defense.


Week 2.4 Scores.png

In a nice matchup between two of the leagues more respected fantasy owners, Stuugotz’s Tom Brady put on a magic show, dropping a crisp 43 points. Brady threw a pass to just about everyone not named Brandin Cooks. Even Stuugotz’s James White caught 85 yards and chipped in nine fantasy points. Stuugotz kept the theme going by stacking a third Patriot (Chris Hogan) in his lineup for another 13 points. Money Mike’s running game was strong, with Freeman, Gordon and Lynch all hitting pay dirt. Still, it wasn’t enough to hold off the Patriot Games that Stuugotz unleashed. Money Mike will certainly have to rethink his receiving corps to better compete moving forward and avoid a devastating 0-3 season start.

Money Mike’s week three free agent adds included WR J.J. Nelson and the New England Defense. Stuugotz’s adds were TE Jason Witten, WR Jermaine Kearse and RB Jalen Richard.


Week 2.5 Scores

Kareem Hunt continued his rookie rant in all of its glory by scoring 23 fantasy points for Meezy’s squad and taking a nap in the end zone. Drew Brees did what he was drafted to do, while running back Jordan Howard was a no-show and is a player that Meezy will want to monitor before another start. Cayman Rays had a so-so showing and solely won this game on the backs of both Travis Kelce and newly converted running back Ty Montgomery. Montgomery has turned out to be a nice draft pick so far, but the Packers will have to monitor his reps if the Cayman Rays hope to have him for a full season. DeMarco Murray is on the verge of losing his job to Derrick Henry, but it’s a good thing that the Cayman Rays have both backs. Henry will be fun to watch if he becomes the starter.

Neither Cayman Rays or Meezy Esq. made any free agent moves. Show offs!

We’ll continue to follow the Pace U. Crew league in Week Four.