Week 2’s Fantasy Target Monsters

Week two turned out to be a good bounce back week for many of our favorites. It also helped to shed light on a few potential fantasy fad players.

The Patriots-Saints game and the Packers-Falcons games were the big draws of the week. There were fewer injuries to players this week, though a few key guys did get banged up, including Randall Cobb, Rob Gronkowski, and Jordy Nelson.

We’ll take a look at some of the top fantasy Target Monsters throughout the NFL during week two. To be considered a ‘Target Monster,’ a player needs to be targeted more than seven times within the given week. Hopefully this breakdown will give you insight as to which players to gravitate toward while assembling or tweaking your own roster.

Week 2 Target Monsters 1

Dez Bryant got into the mix this week by receiving an eye popping 16-targets, yet he only hauled in seven of them for 59-yards and a touchdown. His teammate, Jason Witten, was a bit more efficient, catching 97% of his targets and also finding pay dirt. Tight ends seemed to be the theme this week as both Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce notched more than 100-yards and a touchdown. Gronk left the game early with a groin injury, but later told the press that everything was cool. Gronk will be worth keeping an eye on, though we’ve come to expect him to battle through ailments or miss an occasional game.

Sticking with the tight end theme, Martellus Bennett also got into the action with 11-targets, though he only notched 47-yards on five grabs. With Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb dinged up, Aaron Rodgers may lean on Bennett a bit more heavily in the red zone moving forward. Though Davante Adams went 8-for-10 and a touchdown, it’s safe to say that the Packers are still hurting at wide receiver right now.

Keenan Allen continued his good start (no injuries!) by topping 100-yards, while Mike Evans did Mike Evans things by going for 93-yards and a touchdown in his season debut. We expected that both DeSean Jackson and Cameron Brate would detract from Evans’ production by stealing a few targets, but it wasn’t so in the first game for Tampa Bay.

Week 2 Target Monsters 2

Tight ends Ben Watson, Jack Doyle and Hunter Henry all showed up this week by catching 100% of their targets, though none of them sniffed the end zone.

With the Atlanta Falcons offense being one of equal distribution, Julio Jones topped 100-yards but wasn’t necessarily the main draw. Yet still, the Falcons gave the Packers the business despite a late run by Aaron Rodgers and company. Meanwhile over in Denver, Trevor Siemian also gave the Cowboys the business by hitting Emmanuel Sanders on 6-of-8 targets for two touchdowns.

With Arizona’s John Brown and David Johnson out, one would expect to see Larry Fitzgerald on the Target Monsters list as we did last week, but it was his teammate J.J. Nelson that did the heavy lifting in week two. Nelson grabbed 71% of his passes for 120-yards and a touchdown to help the Cardinals eke out a win over the decimated Colts. Looks like the Colts will need more than Andrew Luck to get back on track over in Indy.

Though Michael Crabtree didn’t notch seven targets, we’re unofficially adding him as a Target Monster this week. Not only did the dude catch all six of his targets for 80-yards, but he pulled off a hat trick at home in the Raiders opener.

Rookie running back Tarik Cohen looks like someone to consider targeting in trades as he’s the main draw in Chicago now. DeAndre Hopkins is another trade target being that Deshaun Watson only has eyes for him. Hopkins is up to 29-targets over the past two weeks. While J.J. Nelson may have been scooped up in many leagues last week, if he’s still available, he could be the new John Brown in Arizona. Be sure to give him a once over.

Even though Greg Olsen is out for the season with a broken foot, we’re still hesitant to discuss trading for Kelvin Benjamin being that Cam Newton hasn’t looked that great. Additionally, we expect Benjamin to receive more attention from defenses now. Andy Dalton is killing A.J. Green’s fantasy value, so we’re looking the other way while we sip our tea for now.