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In-between: Ameer Abdullah

Ameer Abdullah is undoubtedly a great athlete, but is he really fit to be the lead running back for the Detroit Lions or the RB2 on your fantasy team?

The short answers are no and no.

Abdullah is a running back on a team that’s caught in-between. The Detroit Lions possess one of the more talented underneath receivers in Golden Tate, as well as a successful third down back in Theo Riddick. Ameer Abdullah is roughly the same size as both of these players and poses as the team’s power back.

The first problem with Abdullah being the lead back is that he’s simply not big enough. He’s incapable of moving a pile or running over the smallest of defenders. The other problem is that, because of Abdullah’s make up for such a demanding position, he is injury prone and has proven so over the past two years.

To open the season, Abdullah has gotten the lions share of touches (32-116-0) through two games. As a fantasy owner, this is exactly why you should trade him NOW. Abdullah is both healthy and appears to be the man his coaches want to feed the ball to (for the moment). However, it simply won’t last long.

In Monday Night’s game against the Giants, Abdullah looked swift but undersized. Though he’s physically fit beyond any normal person’s expectations, Abdullah is caught between a slot receiver and passing back’s body, two players in which the Lions already have. In fact, the only reason that Abdullah has his role as lead back is because backup Dwayne Washington can’t stay healthy enough himself to overtake the position. Joique Bell is long gone and Zach Zenner hasn’t stepped up.

It’s hard to say what the Lions should do with Abdullah and if they are wasting touches on him within their offensive scheme. For fantasy owners though, it’s a good time to trade Abdullah and start thinking ahead to when he wears down in the near future.