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The Next Sneaky Good IPO

The world of cannabis used to be a hush-hush subject when it came to mainstream business practices. Now, High Times, the long-time publication owned by shell company Origo is looking to change that and has potential shareholders buzzing.

High Times, which debuted in the summer of 1974 as a spoof on Playboy magazine by featuring centerfolds of marijuana plants, ironically found a waiting audience with its satirical content. That same audience has grown tremendously over the decades and is peaking at a time when many states have chosen to legalize medical marijuana and are pushing for more.

More recently, High Times has announced that it plans to go public on the NASDAQ later this fall. This happened in a clever, yet roundabout way, when High Times entered into an agreement to merge with publicly traded special acquisition company Origo Acquisition Corp. Aside from its well known publication under the same name, the media company also owns online properties such as,, and of course, These days, most of its audience connects online through one of its owned properties or social media sites such as Facebook.

With an IPO looming, it’s not far fetched to think that High Times has its sights set on a bigger opportunity. There’s certainly room for speculation on what those opportunities might be. Like the Washington Post before Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos acquired it, High Times itself is rumored to be worth north of $250 million according to various analysts. There are various sub-sectors that High Times could delve into, spin off or incubate themselves. The realm of possibilities are almost limitless. As a future publicly traded company on the NASDAQ, it seems an excellent opportunity for investors to gain exposure to and benefit from the legalization of medical marijuana and what’s to come.

[This article is not an investment endorsement or recommendation.]