Little Randy: Martavis Bryant

Martavis Bryant is back from his NFL suspension and you’d be foolish not to consider taking him with the first reasonable chance you get in fantasy.

More focused, in better shape than ever and clean, Bryant is ready to go. The kid who once just showed up on Sundays after not practicing hard or working out actually gives a damn now. This is the same kid that put up monster numbers while not necessarily doling out a real effort. After a solid year of training, rehab and support from his family and teammate, Ramon Foster, things seem to be in better perspective for Bryant.

Say what you want, but Martavis Bryant looks about as close to Randy Moss as I can think of in this modern football era. Same build, same instinct and similar second gear burners to blow past cornerbacks. Bryant causes me to flashback to when Randy would throw up his hand at the line of scrimmage one moment and proceed to dance in the end zone the next. I’ve heard commentators call Martavis, “The Martian,” and for good reason — it’s synonymous to his name and the kid is an athletic freak. That’s cute and all, but if I may, I prefer Little Randy. Yes, he’s that good.

During the games that Bryant was on the field during the 2014 and 2015 seasons, there’s not a play in his portfolio in which he didn’t do something spectacular, gain massive chunks of yards, or proceed to the end zone to give the ball a good celebratory spin. Little Randy was a monster then and it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes nuclear this year. Much like a stock tip in the financial markets, this is your final warning to get in on this kid while the getting is good. Bryant’s numbers will certainly have you hoisting a fantasy trophy come January 2018.

The simple fact that Bryant will line up across from Antonio Brown should have you salivating. Le’Veon Bell will keep defenses honest and Big Ben is one of the few quarterbacks willing to chuck the ball downfield at any given moment of the game — first play, second play, last play, doesn’t matter.

It’s hard to say where you should draft Little Randy, but my advice is to not be passive with his selection. Whatever my draft position and whatever Bryant’s ADP, all logic will go out the door — this guy will be on my team one way or another. I like Little Randy more than Kelvin Benjamin, among other receivers and see him reeling in 13 touchdowns, in addition to logging 1,300-yards. Draft this guy with confidence.

Welcome back Martavis!

(This article was originally published on August 9, 2017)