Game of Thrones

Stephen Curry of House Warriors may be the most fierce ruler in the basketball realm since Sir Kobe rode off into the sunset a season ago.

In fact, long before His Majesty, Sire Curry conquered the seven kingdoms, ravens from the east brought word of such rumblings to King James, who took a fortnight’s trip to Charlotte to witness the uprising himself. It was then that the ruling King and the King-to-be first encountered one another.

Self-proclaimed King James has ruled the east since his predecessor, His Excellency, Emperor Jordan left behind the seven kingdoms to his heir apparent, His Royal Majesty Kobe, who is only spoken of as Black Mamba among feared clergy members of the Royal Association of Basketball. Until the current day, Emperor Jordan, having met King James as a young knight, never speaks word of the child, almost as if he’s been banished to The Wall. Only The Emperor’s heir apparent, His Royal Majesty Kobe, has ever earned that respect.

LeBron James shakes hands with Michael Jordan

For all of his mishaps since he’s risen to power within the basketball realm, King James has been a fierce and cunning warrior, often persuading rival dukes and lords in nearby realms to ban together to keep the east strong. Though other clergymen within the association have been careful to not speak out against the all-to powerful warrior in King James, it’s perhaps what has not been said by his outgoing Royal Majesty Kobe which leads us to believe that the torch has long been designated for Prince Curry, who has risen to the highest of ranks within the realm. Black Mamba spoke highly of the young prince and left leaflets as to who would be the next ruler.

Power has since shifted to House Warriors and its fiery band of brothers in Sir Kevin, Sir Klay and Sir Draymond. However, all is not well in the basketball realm. Lords and dukes of various hierarchy are pledging their allegiance to new kingdoms, as evidenced by Lord Chris Paul banishing the City of Angels to play with the one they call The Beard of House Rockets.

Clarity will soon come during future seasons. It is unknown as to whether or not the disarray in the realm will lead to a new victor, or His Majesty, Sire Curry will build upon his .667 de-throning percentage and call for a dynasty. The only thing that has been made clear is that royalty has been passed from Emperor Jordan to His Royal Majesty Kobe and onto His Majesty, Sire Curry with no mention of King James by either previous lineage.

Over the coming summer, there will be bloodshed, ankles broken and achilles torn. Good men will lose their chance to serve their respective houses at the hand of rookies and unforeseen crossovers on the battlefield. For hundreds of years, the Royal Association of Basketball has witnessed the rise of many majesties and kings — Imperial Emperor Bill Russell, Royal King Showtime Magic, and King Bird to name a few. What we do know is that this game, this Game of Thrones will not end happily. For now, it is House Warriors and His Majesty, Sire Curry that determines the fate of the basketball realm — and winter is coming.

(This article was originally published on July 3, 2017)