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Cheat Code: Beastmode

It’s been since forever ago that the last play of the Seattle Seahawks super bowl loss was an actual pass play instead of the expected run that every fan drew up from his or her sofa chair. Who does that! No, seriously, who does that? Better yet, guess who won’t forget it?

Cheat code: Beastmode.

Marshawn Lynch is back as an Oakland Raider and looks as motivated as we’ve ever seen him. He’s always been a straight bulldozer on the field that will run you over (and over and over again!) if you so choose to get in his way. Rookies, this is not advised. Really, don’t get in his way, just move! While some may chalk up Marshawn’s motivation to having had the chance to refresh by taking a year off or simply getting his legs back as evidenced in his insane beach workout videos wearing boots.

I’m going to take a different angle on why we should all watch out for Beastmode — one word, Oakland. Simply put, Marshawn Lynch is home and playing in front of his family, friends, and representing his city, or more correctly as we say, “The Town.” Being from Oakland, like any other city I presume, is something that both natives and residents take (hella) pride in. Add in a few fresh championship runs by the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants, and rings and trophies have become the norm around these parts. It’s almost expected now.

Marshawn knows like every other Bay Area resident knows — this is our city, this is our time, and we’re built to win, not now, but RIGHT NOW. Similar to the Golden State Warriors leaving for San Francisco in a few years, the Raiders will soon skip town for Las Vegas in the near future. The thought of hanging the first banner in Oakland since Bay Area Hall of Famer tight end Raymond Chester led the 1981 Raiders to a title (before the team left for Los Angeles) is motivation enough.

Whether Marshawn rushes for 1000-yards and half-a-dozen touchdowns or notches 18 TD’s as a goal line specialist a la LeGarrette Blount 2016, everyone should expect a motivated Beastmode if for one reason and one reason only — he’s home.

(This article was originally published on July 1, 2017)