Black Unicorn: Martellus Bennett

Goodbye Superbowl Champion New England Patriots and 12-time Pro Bowl quarterback Tom Brady. Hello Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers!

As silly as it may sound, the Black Unicorn, Martellus Bennett may be entering into an even better fantasy football situation going into the 2017–2018 NFL season. The reason is a simple one — he’ll be one of Aaron Rodgers’ favorite new toys and Rodgers more than just about any quarterback locks onto his targets and feeds them like a baby. Tom Brady is a fantasy darling in his own right, but as for his receivers, the targets are always spread too thin.

Over the years, Bennett, with his 6’6’’ frame has always been a matchup nightmare. More than that, he’s savvy enough to create space, get open and find pay dirt with ease. Granted, most quarterbacks have never seemed to utilize his full potential, there’s very little need to worry any longer. Once deemed to be headed to the Oakland Raiders to team up with Derek Carr, the Packers swooped in and made him a cheesehead. Even behind several key targets in the Patriots offense last year, Bennett notched seven TD’s, scoring multiple times in a couple of games.

As the new tight end for the Packers, I expect Bennett to be drafted as a top three player at his position and I’d happily take him as a number one TE — ahead of his former teammate, the often injured Gronk. It wouldn’t surprise me that in an offense where Rodgers hasn’t had a reliable TE target since Jermichael Finley in 2013 that Bennett could easily top 10–12 TD’s. Finley got the ball consistently and rumor has it that he and Rodgers didn’t even get along back in the day. Imagine the new possibilities!

Draft the Black Unicorn early and with extreme confidence. I know I will.

(This article was originally published on July 19, 2017)